Subsection of the Slovenian Association of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Young Gastroenterologists

Mladi gastroenterologi

Young Gastroenterologists

The Young Gastroenterologists subsection was established at the 66th regular meeting of the Slovenian Association of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (SAGH) in November 2017 and operates under SAGH. The idea developed after Slovenia’s inclusion in the Friends of Young GI Section UEG (United European Gastroenterology). The elected president is Katja Tepeš (Slovenia’s representative in the Friend of Young Talent Group UEG) and the vice president is Bojan Ilijevec.

The subsection of Young Gastroenterologists includes all residents and young specialists in gastroenterology, internal medicine with a focus on gastroenterology and abdominal or general surgery.

With the organization of the subsection of Young Gastroenterologists in Slovenia we want to continue multidisciplinary treatment of our patients, promote gastroenterology and its subspecialties, organize practical workshops (ultrasound, diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy), organize symposium following Bluebook training, promote research and active participation of young doctors in our meetings.

From its establishment at the end of 2017 to 2021, we have organized several symposia and hand-on endoscopy workshops:

  1. Endoscopy course, polypectomy lecture and electroresection 17.5.2018 (in collaboration with Olympus)
  2. Endoscopy course 22.1.2019 (in cooperation with Olympus)
  3. Esophageal diseases 18.9.2019 (in cooperation with Krka)
  4. Endoscopy course 30.1.2020 (in collaboration with Olympus)
  5. Characterization of polyps 7.2.2020 (in collaboration with Olympus)
  6. Celiac disease and food allergy 17.6.2021 (in cooperation with Krka)
  7. Approach to liver disease 14.9.2021


Contact for additional information, suggestions and applications for our events:

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