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Articles that contain the search string or match the selected criteria
  • As a result, all files that contain the search term and correspond to one or more selected criteria are listed.
  • The criteria are set according to the “OR/OR” principle, i.e. in such a way that all hits of all selected criteria are displayed.
  • By clicking on the link, i.e. the red colored “HIT”, a viewer with the pdf file of the article opens in a new window.
  • The red colored text indicates the number of the Gastroenterologist where the article is located.
  • Black colored text indicates the title of the article.

UEG Week 2023

United European Gastroenterology Week • October 14–17, 2023

UEG Week

United European Gastroenterology Week
Viena, Austria, 8.–10. October 2022.

ACG 2023

Annual Scientific Meeting & Postgraduate Course, October 20–25 2023

ACG 2022

Annual Scientific Meeting & Postgraduate Course
Charlote, North Carolina USA, October 21–26 2022

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